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Lockheed Martin F-35 Real to Replica Number 3 Update Page

Thank you for ordering our book on the F-35. 

On this web page we will keep your book updated with any new articles, previews and accessories that feature in our magazines.

Aggressive Lightning
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Photo 1.jpg

Royal Air Force F-35B, ZM143, in the Hover. This aircraft will give the RAF and Royal Navy the VSTOL capability they lost with the retirement of the Harrier. CREDIT: Chris Ayre

Photo 2.jpg

A Lakenheath based F-35A, 19-5484, of the 48th Fighter Wing which has now replaced their F-15Es, kicks in the afterburner at take-off CREDIT: Chris Ayre

65th Aggressor Squadron Reactiveness with the F-35 in a new camouflage scheme

The 65th Aggressor Squadron reactivated June 9, 2022 with a directed mission to know, teach and replicate fifth-generation air adversaries at Nellis Air Force Base. Air Combat Command Commander General Mark Kelly flew his F-15E Strike Eagle against the unit’s first assigned F-35A Lightning II and newest commander, Lt. Col. Brandon Nauta, immediately prior to the ceremony. He commented “Due to the growing threat posed by PRC [People's Republic of China] fifth and sixth-gen fighter development, we must use a portion of our daily fifth-generation aircraft today at Langley, Elmendorf, Hill, Eielson, and now Nellis, to replicate adversary fifth-generation capabilities,” Kelly said. “Precisely because we have this credible threat, when we do replicate a fifth-gen. adversary, it has to be done professionally. That's the Aggressors.” The new “Splinter” camouflage on aggressor F-35s at Nellis shouldn’t negate or interfere with their low observability, meaning they can truly play the role of a stealthy sparring partner for USAF fighters. The first two F-35s to appear in camouflage were revealed at the June 9 at a Nellis ceremony to reactivate the 65th Aggressor Squadron, wearing a paint scheme reminiscent of both the Russian Su-57 Felon and Chinese J-20 fighters. 


Preview Tamiya F-35 in 1/48 scale

On the 30th of September 2022 fans of the F-35 received two announcements. 

The first was by Phoenix Scale Publications that we would be releasing a new title at Scale ModelWorl22 on the F-35. But this was slightly overshadowed by Tamiya announcing the addition of an all-new tool F-35 to the range. 

Sadly, this was too late for us to feature in the printed version of the book, but it was also one of the big drivers to us proceeding with the digital update section that you are reading now.

A full build of the Tamiya kit will appear here shortly but until then here are some High-Resolution photographs supplied by Tamiya of a completed production model of the kit.

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