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An important announcement for readers of our magazines
Phoenix Scale Modeller International and
Phoenix Scale Modeller International

From the November 2023 issue, we have decided to stop distributing our magazines through news agents including WH Smiths, Menzies, Barnes & Noble and many other Newsagents.

Q. Why?

A. The world of magazine publishing industry has been heavily hit by the events of the last two years. As an example, high energy bills and the loss of one of the largest suppliers of wood in the world which of course is needed to make paper has led to price increases of over 45%. And costs of transportation have also risen by up to 25%.


Q. Could you not cut costs?

A. We could use cheaper paper and printers, but this would have an effect on the quality of the product, something we will not do.


Q. Does this mean you are stopping production of magazines

A. This is a Yes and No answer so I will cover it in two parts.

Yes: Unfortunately, we have decided to stop producing Phoenix Scale Modelling in its current form as it was always the weaker title. Subscribers for this title will be contacted directly with more details.

No: Phoenix Aviation Modeller will continue in production, but you will purchase it via Direct Sale and the new November issue will be with us on Monday and it is available to pre-order now from the web site.


Q. What is Direct Sale?

A. We are taking over distribution removing the most expensive part selling a magazine to Newsagents. The best and cheapest way to get our magazines is buy taking out a subscription or buying individual copies directly from us at as many already do.

Individual copies have postage charged at a discounted rate, while, 6 and 12 Month Subscriptions are sent postage free. You can also buy from selected Model Shops NOT NEWSAGENTS around the world.

And of course, we have our stand at shows around the world including a small one you may have heard of Scale ModelWorld at Telford in a fortnights time.


Q. But this means you will sell less magazines?

A. Ironically yes but also No.

What many do not realise is that publishers get as little as one-sixth of the cover price on magazines. And we must also supply between 500 and 1000 copies more than you sell. And some of these never make it as far as the shops shelves and are pulped direct from the distribution warehouses. So by removing the biggest cost we will sell less but make more money to reinvest in our future.


Q Why not put prices up?

A. I wish it was so simple, as I have already said publishers only get a 1/6 of the cover price so would only get 1/6 of a price rise. So we would have to raise the cover price by £6 to get £1 a copy more. This goes against one of our core beliefs of Value Service and Honesty. We have been honest by explaining our decision, We believe we will be able a better Service by bringing everything but the printing in house. And by keeping the cover price we are producing the highest quality product at the best price we can. Though I am not saying price rises will not happen over the next 12 months if we have to, but that is always a last resort. And if prices do rise taking out a subscription now makes even more sense with its free postage.


Q, Any other changes

A. Yes but not a big one

We are changing our production schedule to a monthly one rather than 4 Weeks-4 Weeks-5weeks forced on us by distribution this means for UK subscribers and those pre-ordering will receive their copy in the first week of the month on the cover. So Novembers issue will arrive in the first week of November. We will start taking pre-orders one week before the delivery is due to us from the printers, and will advise customers by email and social media as we have done from day one.


Q. I still have an unanswered question?

A. Drop us a line or come see in in Hall two at Telford where will have partners from both Modelling side and Production side available to answer questions You can also buy Novembers magazine as well as take out a subscription and see our latest new book titles and maybe we can tell you about a few new projects including why this is not the end of Phoenix Scale Modelling International In bookshops !!!!!


Q, Can I help Phoenix.

A. Please Spread the word, post this on personal and club sites , or make it a topic on any forums you are a member of. One of the key objectives for us is to get this new sales model to work is spreading the word as well as recruiting Model Shops to stock our magazines and books and help Phoenix to serve you better.

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