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US Navy Fighter and Attack Aircraft

Aviation In-Scale #1


The aircraft operated by the US Navy have been a source of fascination and inspiration to both the aircraft modeller and enthusiast for many decades. From the colourful fighters of the 1950’s and 1960’s to the tactical grey camouflage of the current crop of aircraft, these powerful fighters and attack aircraft continue to be at the forefront of many of the kits and accessories produced by model manufacturers around the globe. The ‘Top Gun’ movie with the F-14 Tomcat propelled interest in US Naval aviation to new heights in the 1970’s as has the recent ‘Top Gun Maverick’ film and its F/A-18 Hornets. For the modeller there are so many iconic aircraft to work on, and so many colourful versions to be considered, as for example, you could spend years just modelling the F-4 Phantom and not cover all of the various markings that were applied during its career! So, in this publication we take a look at a diverse selection of US Navy aircraft, and how to build scale models of them, each provided by some of the best modellers around. Some builds look in depth at each build stage, whilst others showcase a particular aircraft model. But all have the same ethos, to celebrate some of the finest warplanes ever to be catapulted off a carrier deck! So, we hope that you enjoy all that is on offer here, and we also hope that this will inspire you to have a go at building some of these iconic aircraft yourself.


RRP £9.99 / US$17.99 / Can$26.25 / Aus$22.25

Aviation In Scale #1 US Navy

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