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US Air Force Fighter and Attack Aircraft

Aviation In-Scale #2


The United States Air Force has provided aerial firepower from the flak strewn skies of World War II, through the MiG threats of Korea, the SAM hazards of Vietnam to the modern electronic skies of the Gulf wars and Afghanistan with tier array of fighter and attack aircraft. This has forged many an iconic type, such as the B-17, the P-51 Mustang, the F-86 Sabre, F-4 Phantom, F-16 Viper, F-15 Eagle and the new F-35 Lightning, all of which are covered in this volume. For the modeller, this means there are a plethora of aircraft to work on, many with colourful camouflage schemes, and others with the more subtle grey schemes, but all providing a rich canvas to work on.  So, in this publication, as with our first book featuring US Navy Fighter and Attack Aircraft, we take a look at a diverse selection of USAF aircraft, and how to build scale models of them, each provided by some of the best modellers around. Some builds look in depth at each build stage, whilst others showcase a particular aircraft type. But all have the same ethos, to celebrate some of the finest warplanes to wear the ‘Stars and Bars’ So, we at Phoenix we hope that you enjoy all that is on offer here, and we also hope that this will inspire you to have a go at building some of these iconic aircraft yourself.


RRP £9.99 / US$17.99 / Can$26.25 / Aus$22.25

Aviation In Scale #2 USAF

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